Webfargo’s Managed Intrusion Detection System enables you to take full advantage of IDS technology to monitor suspicious events on your network without the vast investment of time that would typically be required. After initial system installation is complete, Webfargo engineers will constantly update and review the IDS system for its effectiveness, manage alerts, and work with you to ensure that it is tightly integrated with your overall security plan.

Gain insight into your network traffic with the actionable alerts provided by an Intrusion Detection System. Free up your resources by letting Webfargo monitor and report any troubling alerts to you. With our Managed Intrusion Detection Service, you will:

  • Understand what is happening on your network in real time
  • Spot and mitigate malicious traffic, Trojans, bots, or attacks
  • Discern unusual traffic patterns
  • Selectively monitor critical or high risk segments such as a DMZ, confidential systems, or an R&D network
  • Let our security experts review and investigate alerts with custom activity reports
  • Comply with security regulations that require network monitoring
  • Leverage robust, open-source Snort platform with our proprietary Vantage Point IDS console for complete coverage
  • Relax knowing that our security personnel and monitoring system are keeping an eye on your network

Service Details:

Architecture Review:
We will work with you to determine your goals for implementing Intrusion Detection, and recommend where best to put a sensor or sensors to accomplish your objectives.

Webfargo will install and configure the necessary IDS components on a hardened system.

Ongoing Management:
After installation, we will update and review the IDS for its effectiveness, manage alerts, and tune the system to be most effective in your network.

Weekly Reporting:
A custom report is created each week outlining the activity on the IDS sensor and highlighting any suspicious activity.

Webfargo monitors the applications and server operating system to ensure that the hardware is running and the applications are responding correctly.

Attack Signature Updates:
As new vulnerabilities and attacks are discovered, Webfargo updates the IDS sensor with the appropriate attack signatures. The sensor will be updated weekly – however, ‘emergency’ rules will be added when the situation warrants.

System Maintenance:
Regular system maintenance tasks are performed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the IDS sensor. All applications on the system will be regularly updated as well.

Ongoing Support:
Our engineers are available to answer questions or investigate alerts of concern.

Vantage Point IDS (VPIDS):
A license for our custom IDS console is included for as long as the service is used. Webfargo will provide all updates and new features to VPIDS during the course of the service.

Click the images below for screen shots from the Vantage Point IDS Console

Webfargo Managed Intrusion Detection System IDS Screenshot Small Webfargo Managed Intrusion Detection System IDS Screenshot Small