Historically, log management has always been a security challenge. It is no simple task to create a centralized system that collects logs from multiple platforms and devices, not to mention a system that allows for log analysis and review. Because of these challenges, logs are rarely reviewed. However, logs remain the best way to spot malicious activity before it becomes a breach.

Webfargo’s Log Management Service was designed to address just this challenge. Logs from your critical systems are consolidated into a single, easy-to-review interface. Your logs are analyzed regularly by senior cyber security experts. Best of all, you receive summary reports detailing only what you need to know. This saves you time, meets security best practices, and helps comply with certain regulations.

Service Details:

We install the system, configure it to receive the necessary logs, set up the user interface to work with your data, and create accounts for your team.

We log whatever systems and variables are important to you. Some of the most common are: Active Directory servers, web servers, file servers, application servers, database servers, cloud-based servers, security devices, and more.

Regular Event Reviews
Webfargo engineers develop baselines from your environment and understand trends. Variances are investigated and a summary report reviews activity for that period as well as highlights any notable, actionable events.

User Interface
You have full access to the user interface whenever you desire. Easy-to-read charts and graphs summarize data and make irregularities easier to spot, and our point-and-click drill down gives you access to specific event details.

Webfargo’s system is not tied to an particular vendor or technology – we work with your systems. We can analyze logs from virtually any system that generates them, whether they are servers or network devices, local or in the Cloud, and running virtually any operating system.

We securely back up the data using our system or yours, as appropriate. We review your retention schedule to ensure the data is backed up and retained for an appropriate time period for your company.

SIEM - Log Management Server Screenshots

Click the images below for screen shots from the log management - SIEM Server.

Webfargo Managed SIEM - Log Management Screenshot Webfargo Managed SIEM - Log Management Active Directory Logins Screenshot

Webfargo Managed SIEM - Log Management Webserver Overview Screenshot Webfargo Managed SIEM - Log Management Active Directory Overview Screenshot