Webfargo Data Security was founded by security industry veterans in 2001. The company founders had too often seen the devastating effects of reactive security, thus Webfargo was founded to focus on preventing security incidents through proactive services, including security management, assessments, and policy development.

Webfargo specializes in working with companies that have IT departments, but not yet IT Security departments, and who recognize the need for advanced and proactive security assistance. This places our typical client in the 50-750 employee range, though exceptions exist on either side of that range.

Most of our customers are in the triangle area of North Carolina in Durham, Raleigh, RTP and Chapel Hill. Long term, stable client relationships are the norm – our average client has contracted with Webfargo for almost seven years.

Webfargo’s clients are a diverse group, ranging from pharmaceutical and clinical research, to legal and professional, to medical technology, to financial, to media, to educational, and everywhere in between. Webfargo’s experience across so many different environments gives it expertise applicable to virtually any situation.

Webfargo has been self-funded and profitable since its inception, and has shown consistent year-over-year financial growth, becoming what it is today: a premier provider of advanced IT security services in North Carolina and around the world.


To empower companies to develop and enforce security policies, set and attain security objectives, monitor and respond to network events, and protect intellectual property and critical data in the enterprise and e-commerce.