Managed Firewall Service is a great solution for companies who need expert management and reporting on their most critical security devices. Your firewall needs to secure your network perimeter and keep out the bad guys, but it also needs to let you to do business. We know that accessibility is as important as security – if your users are unable to perform their jobs, you lose yours. Webfargo understands the impossible balance a network manager must maintain.

If a firewall goes down the whole organization is affected. That’s why we believe in proactive security. Through firewall updates, constant monitoring of multiple firewall metrics, and ongoing care of the firewall, Webfargo is able to provide greater security and uptime – and that increases your productivity.

With our Managed Firewall Service, you will:

  • Free up your personnel and resources as we handle critical tasks
  • Sleep easy knowing that we are watching your firewall 24/7
  • Get quick access to high-end expertise
  • Gain insight into your network with our custom reports
  • Comply with security regulations that require proactive firewall administration and log monitoring
  • Stay current – your firewall receives patches/updates as needed
  • Spot problems before they become service-affecting through our extensive monitoring
  • Obtain real-time device and network information in our online Security Center
  • Get a handle on your ruleset with regular reviews with a security expert

Service Details:

Ruleset Review/Audit:
A Webfargo security engineer will review the firewall’s ruleset to look for any superfluous or inconsistent rules and optimize the ruleset for performance and security.

We monitor the firewall 7x24x365. In addition to simple up/down status, we monitor other variables, such as the firewall application status, critical processes, disk space, processor utilization, and other data points to gain a complete picture of firewall health.

Reporting and Log Review (if applicable):
One of the most popular features of Managed Firewall Service, the firewall report, provides critical information and documentation about security events on a regular basis. Our security engineers review clients’ firewall logs, isolate critical data, and interpret the information in the report. The firewall report highlights any suspicious or otherwise actionable activity found in the firewall logs.

Log Maintenance (if applicable):
Firewall logs are archived and stored on a regular basis.

IPS Updates (if applicable):
Regular updates to the firewall’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). This includes downloading, installing, and configuring the IPS. Through working with many customers’ IPS systems we learn what signatures are troublesome to day-to-day traffic and we tweak the IPS to remove these signatures.

Senior security engineers familiar with our clients’ firewalls are accessible 24/7 to help with any problems or questions that arise. Each package includes a number of included hours for general questions and support.

Firewall Backups:
Essential files of the firewall are backed up once a month in order to speed recovery times in the event of a failure. Further, our monitoring system checks the backup to make sure it ran correctly and that the backup file is intact.

Log Storage (if applicable):
Legacy log and backup information will be stored for an appropriate time period.

Our engineering team will alert our clients to relevant, recommended security patches/hotfixes as they are released and tested, and then coordinate installation with the client.

Emergency Hardware:
As an optional component of the service, Webfargo keeps spare firewalls on hand that can be used in the event of a client hardware failure.

The Security Center:
Webfargo’s client portal, the Security Center, serves many functions. Not only does it serve as a repository of the monthly firewall reports, but it presents a wealth of data about your firewall and provides real-time reporting capabilities.

Click the images below to view larger versions of samples of our managed firewall reporting.

Managed Check Point Firewall-1 Cisco ASA Graphs Small Managed Check Point Firewall-1 Cisco ASA Ports Graphs Small