Managed Support Service provides the support you need, when you need it. Let our experts assist your business while you specify the exact amount of help you need. Our Managed Support Service is the perfect choice when your needs are more general, or exceed those included in our other managed services.

We have you covered: our senior-level experts can provide outsourced support at every level, from the CISO on down. Better yet, you can reduce your costs while receiving Webfargo’s priority-level support.

With our Managed Support Service, you will:

  • Maintain round the clock access to high end security resources
  • Access our security experts for support or projects
  • Enjoy predictable costs as a result of our consistent monthly billing structure
  • Turn your security support into an operational cost
  • Take advantage of lower per hour costs

Service Details:

We offer seven packages depending on budget and need. If unused, your monthly hours accrue and rollover to the next month, giving you the ability to view your support needs on a yearly basis.

Hours can be used for support on any technologies within Webfargo’s core competence, not just firewall work. This includes all core network technologies.

Managed Support Service customers will be elevated to priority support, similar to clients of our other monthly managed services.

Receive higher per-hour discounts by taking a long-term view of your IT Security support requirements.