According to the FBI, business email compromise (BEC) losses were over $4.1 billion in 2020. Total complaints rose over 69% compared to 2019. Business email compromise is big business with big financial incentives for attackers to breach companies. Because of this, Microsoft 365 is a favorite target of attackers.

Once an email system is compromised, attackers can manipulate corporate communications and gain further access or distribute email-based attacks, such as phishing, wire transfer fraud, and malicious macros. The risk is real: every security incident Webfargo has responded in recent years has involved a Microsoft 365 breach as a major component or entry point. Risk of such a breach can be substantially reduced by regularly auditing your Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

With our Microsoft 365 Audit, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of your Microsoft 365 security configuration
  • Discover any unknown or inadvertent settings that increase your risk for attack
  • Determine your organization’s susceptibility to common attack strategies
  • Review a gap analysis of your implementation verses industry best practices
  • Understand any security limitations of your Microsoft licensing
  • Use our detailed report to proactively make any adjustments to improve Microsoft 365 security and reduce your risk of a business email compromise (BEC)

Service Details:

Webfargo will review your Microsoft 365 implementation against industry best practices and perform a gap analysis. The provided report will detail any recommended actions to reduce risk of an email-based breach.

While all audits vary to a degree, generally Webfargo will perform the following:

  • Review current tenant and security configurations
  • Determine how long logs relevant logs are retained
  • Review Microsoft 365 licensing tier, compare to security needs
  • Review current alerting configuration, including triggers and thresholds
  • Make recommendations for any alerting changes/improvements
  • Review Microsoft Security Center reports/recommendations
  • Review MFA implementation and usage
  • Review exposure to MFA circumvention techniques
  • Identify any risky configurations often exploited in business email compromise
  • Gap analysis: compare all findings to best practices for Microsoft 365 security
  • Provide comprehensive report based on findings
    • Indicate areas where implementation meets best practices
    • Indicate areas where improvements can be made

Microsoft 365 is an increasingly-popular service, and is increasingly being breached by attackers. Email is a critical service to most companies. Not only would a prolonged email disruption cause major problems, but an email breach can result in the compromise of company confidential information or the expansion of larger attacks. Webfargo can help you reduce your risk from a business email compromise (BEC) by identifying areas for improvement and helping you develop a plan to address any deficiencies.