Our experts are here to assist with any special projects, such as the implementation or upgrade of a security technology; or help with technologies related to security, such as DNS or monitoring systems. Engaging Webfargo on your project gives you:

  • Access to certified, high-end expertise on a variety of technologies
  • Guidance and assistance on deploying complex security solutions
  • Flexibility to cover any need within our core expertise
  • Resale and deployment of Check Point, Cisco, RSA Security, and Meraki
  • The benefits of our extensive knowledge of network and security process management
  • Our experience in securing the networks of companies both large and small across a wide variety of industries

Service Details:

Webfargo’s flexible consulting services can be used for a wide variety of projects including and related to network security. Since 2001, we have helped our clients with a range of network and security consulting projects, such as:

  • Implementation and management of two-factor authentication systems
  • Firewall implementation and upgrades
  • Audits to meet regulations and best practices
  • Design and deployment of IDS/IPS technology
  • Assistance with content filtering and content security
  • VPN rollouts – both site-to-site and remote access
  • Defense against Botnets and other malware
  • Development of custom IT procedures and documentation
  • Network architecture review and recommendations
  • Implementation and security of DNS installations
  • Help with server hardening procedures
  • Network design and implementation, including switches, routers, wireless, and network management
  • Design, rollout, and review of VLANs
  • Enhance security through network compartmentalization
  • Development of client endpoint security packages
  • Assistance and rollout of network monitoring solutions
  • Incident response
  • And much, much more…